14 Creative Hacks for Camping with Kids

Camping Hacks

Brisbane Kids love camping. The idea of staying out after dark, having fun around a campfire, spending time together in nature and sleeping under the stars is so exciting for them! They even get excited about the packing! Sadly, that isn’t always the case for the adults. Well, to tempt you to give a camping trip a go or to help you prepare for your next outdoor adventure, we’ve put together this fun list of creative camping hacks!

1. Pack like a pro

Packing for a camping trip can be a chore, but check out this awesome way of packing clothes! (The full process can be seen on Pinterest here.) Not only does it save space but it also keeps kids’ entire outfits all neatly enclosed together!

Packing for camping

2. Foam flooring

Take along your kids’ foam playmat (like this one from Kmart) to make the flooring of your tent so much more comfortable. It’s bright and fun and so much cheaper than other camping equipment options!

Kmart alphabet mat

3. Glow-stick games

Glow sticks alone are great for kids when camping, but you can even use them to create some fun night-time games. Why not try a cool game of night-time bowling (found on Pinterest) or ring toss (found on Listotic)?!

Glow stick bowling

Nigh time game

4. Instant lantern

Strap a headtorch to a container of water for an instant camping lantern that gives off a lovely glow to light up your tent or outdoor area.

DIY camping lantern

5. Star gazing made simple

Don’t know your Big Dipper from your Southern Cross but want to teach your Brisbane Kids? No worries! Just download a free star gazing app like Sky Map to help you find and identify planets and constellations.

App for star gazing

6. Keep the bugs away

Keep the bugs away with this easy recipe for natural, home made insect repellent found on Offbeat Families.

Home made bug spray

7. DIY mattresses

Make DIY mattresses for your Brisbane Kids like these seen on Indulgy. You can use one piece of material or simply sew together some pillowcases!

Kids beds for camping

8. Fun campfire food

Campfire cooking with kids is fun and tasty! For awesome ideas for camping treat recipes check out Campfires in Brisbane and Delicious Campfire Recipes, like this brilliant and simple brownie orange idea from Camping with Gus.

Campfire treat

9. Handy holder

Keep your toilet paper safe and handy with this great holder seen on Facebook, which is easily made from a re-shaped wire coat hanger. Simple and effective!

DIY holder

10. Stop the itch

A must-have item for your camping first-aid kit is antiseptic cream, but our top choice is one with local anaesthetic too — not only does it numb the pain of any cuts or burns but it is also awesome for stopping the itchiness of nasty mossie or midge bites!

Cream with local anaesthetic

11. Spooky stories

Kids love spooky stories around the campfire. If you’re struggling for inspiration, you can find lots of stories on Ultimate Camp Resource, or why not download this cool fill-them-in template from Spoonful so kids can get involved and customise their own campfire tales?!

Custom campfire story

12. Embrace nature

The best thing about camping with kids is letting them explore the great outdoors. So our simplest hack for keeping your Brisbane Kids entertained while camping is to send them on a fun nature scavenger hunt! You can set up your own or better still, why not simply download one of our awesome printables from here?!

Camping activity

13. Bath in a box

Washing little ones while camping can be difficult, but this simple bath-in-a-box idea seen on Two Cent Sparrow is the perfect solution!

Bathing kids when camping

14. Choose the best camping spot

Searching for a camping spot that’s right for you is time consuming and difficult, right? Not any more! We’ve done all the hard work for you in our guide to family friendly camping, with reviews of the best camping areas in our region and lists like Your Favourite Camping Spots to help you get the most out of your camping holiday!

Camping spots around Brisbane


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