10 Ways for Brisbane Kids to make pocket money

Jobs for kids

With the last school term of the year already in full swing it is time to start thinking of ways our Brisbane Kids can not only keep themselves busy over the forthcoming Christmas break, but also how they can self-fund it with a bit of extra pocket money!

” If you’re 13 or older you can start work. If you’re under 13, you may work in some circumstances including:

  • if you work in a family business
  • if you work in the entertainment industry
  • some forms of supervised employment are allowed such as deliveries and charitable collections.” (reference https://www.fairwork.gov.au/find-help-for/young-workers-and-students/what-age-can-i-start-work#qld)

For more information, visit the the Queensland Government’s Obligations for parents and employers of working children page external-icon.png .

So what can your Brisbane Kid do to earn a little extra money to fund their holiday fun or for those more frugal, to start their savings plan?

Here are 10 ideas to get your kids started:

1. Pet Sitting

The holidays are a great time to help your neighbours out when they go away. Lots of pets prefer or need to be left at home when their owners are away e.g. fish in ponds and chickens. Others could come for a brief stay in your home e.g. caged birds, guinea pigs, mice or even dogs and cats if you can cater for them. If your Brisbane Kid is an animal lover this is a great business idea.

Jobs for kids

2. Weeding and Gardening

Door knock a few of your neighbour’s houses and you will likely find some that are too busy to get down and dirty in their garden and keep the pesky weeds at bay. Some of your elderly neighbours may also love the assistance. This will give your Brisbane Kids a way to work in the garden without having to be big enough to handle a lawnmower.

3. Lawn Mowing

For those Brisbane Kids who are big (and responsible) enough to handle a lawn mower, the summer holidays will provide an abundance of lawns that need mowing all across Brisbane.

4. Baby Sitting

When your Brisbane Kid is old (and responsible) enough, this is a great little business to set up in their neighbourhood. They could advertise in local schools’ newsletters and even start their very own Babysitter’s Club.

Jobs for Kids

5. Child Minding

Your Brisbane Kid may not be old enough to look after children on their own, but this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a great help to a busy mum in the holidays. Playing with younger kids while the parent is home, allowing them to do work, washing, or maybe some pampering, can be worth its weight in gold!

6. Selling Home-Grown or Homemade Goods

Is your Brisbane Kid a crafty sort or a green thumb? Making gifts like pencil cases, Christmas decorations or growing fruit and vegetables to sell at a roadside stall is a great way for your Brisbane Kids to use their own skills to make marketable goods for local families to purchase.

7. Hold a Toy or Garage Sale

A great way to prepare for Christmas is to clear out the house of old toys, games and sporting equipment. Your Brisbane Kids could sell these online (with adult supervision of course) or even at a roadside stall.

Jobs for kids

8. Ye Olde Lemonade Stand

An oldie but a goldie! The Lemonade Stand is synonymous with Summer and is a refreshing stop for those out for long walks in the balmy Summer evenings. Set one up near a patch of houses with Christmas lights to ensure a steady stream of customers!

9. Paper Delivery

As mentioned earlier, your Brisbane Kids only need to be 11 years old to get a job delivering newspapers or advertising materials. They need to be supervised, so make sure you or another adult are able to support them in this venture.

10. Dog Walking

If your Brisbane Kid is a dog lover then this is a great way for them to earn some money and get some exercise over the holidays. Joining up with friends they could make it a social event down at the local dog park.

Now is the perfect time to sit down with your Brisbane Kids and chat about what can be done to start filling their money boxes or bank accounts with some extra pockets money in time for the holidays!

The Brisbane Kids Guide to Government Payments is another great resource for families in Brisbane who may need some extra financial assistance.

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