10 Tips To Get The Best Brisbane Wedding Photos

1. Choose the right photographer for you

This is easily my top tip for getting the photos you want. Sit down with your partner and spend time going through as many webpages as you can handle. Make sure you get as deep as you can. The big wedding photography companies have big marketing budgets so you are always going to find them on top of any google search you do. Some will do a fine job but be aware that you may not meet your photographer until your wedding day, and there is no guarantee your photographer took any of the photos you loved on the company’s website. Sometimes it’s the arty and little known photographer on page 20 of google that will provide everything that you are after and more.

A few simple questions to ask your photographer:

  • How many wedding have you photographed?
  • What equipment do you use? (make sure they have a couple of cameras and 4 or 5 lenses)
  • How would you describe your style?
  • What is included in your packages? (ask specifically about how many photos you will receive and what format)

2. Find the right location

There are plenty of amazing locations around Brisbane to get photos but here are my top 5.

New farm park:


City Botanical Gardens:


Roma St Parklands:


Shafston House:


Hillstone – St Lucia:


Other notable suggestions:

Mt Coo-tha

Southbank and the Cultural Precinct.

Any winery

Most rowing and boat clubs

3. Involve your photographer in the schedule planning

This is a great chance to get some free wedding planning advice. Great photographers shoot lots of weddings. So your photographer should be a seasoned pro at getting the timing right for a wedding. Involving them in the planning will also make sure that you have adequate time to get photographs at each important part of the wedding.


4. Give yourself plenty of time and be flexible

Don’t rush things. Here is a little run down of best case scenarios for times for photographers to get the photos you need.

Groom getting ready – 1hr

Bride getting ready – 1.5 hrs

Ceremony and family photos – 1 – 1.5 hrs

Location shoot – 2 hrs

Reception – Until first dance. I wouldn’t worry too much about photos after that. Maybe an extra hour to get some party shots but it usually goes pretty downhill after that ;).

Remember to allow time for travel between, and keep the travel time to a minimum.


5. Remember the light

Light is going to be your best friend and your worst enemy. Remember that the middle of the day brings very harsh light and may be a real challenge for your photographer if you have an outdoor wedding. A good rule is by about 3pm things have calmed a bit, and the best light of the day “The Golden Hour” is about 30 minutes before sunset. Remember to ask your photographer about their proficiency with artificial lighting if shooting after dark.


6. Trust and communicate with your photographer

Get rid of any apprehensions on the day and try not to be too precious with your dress. That amazing shot on the wall everyday of your life is worth more than the dress hanging in your closet. Of course hold your ground if something is a little outrageous but often you can’t see the same thing as your photographer and it just might be that once in a lifetime photo that you can show the grandkids.


7. Have an engagement session

This is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and see how they will communicate on the day. Also a great opportunity to run if, heaven forbid, they are shocking photos.


8. Be in the moment

Forget about your photographer and just remember that this is one of the most amazing days of your lives. Smile. Be in love with your partner and be close. Your photographer is very rarely going to tell you to stop being cute together. Hugging, kissing, laughing all good!


9. Pose baby pose

Now totally contradicting what I said above. I think posing gets a pretty bad wrap when it comes to wedding photos. Everyone wants the beautiful ‘natural’ photos they see on the internet but I can tell you now that the majority of them were because either the person being photographed knew how to pose or the photographer helped them along a bit. Posing doesn’t have to be a pain, it’s actually pretty fun and if you get the right photographer can make you look amazing! You don’t have to obsess about it but when you get your photos back you will be glad that you did.

Check out Knight Photography’s 5 simple posing tips for more information.


10. Have fun

When the ceremony is finished this should be a cue to let your hair down a bit. Take an esky and some food on your shoot location and have fun. I remember my wedding as the most treasured and fun night of my life, make it yours as well.


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