10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Brisbane with Kids

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Brisbane is an awesome place in which to raise kids for the sheer amount of family friendly activities there are to do in and around the city. But, when you’ve checked out all the local parks, picnic spots and play centres, you may find yourself wanting something different and exciting to experience with your family. Well, fear not, because we’ve found 10 amazing and unique things you can do in Brisbane with kids!

Kids skydiving in Brisbane

1. Go skydiving

Believe it or not, kids over the age of 12 are legally allowed to skydive! (Whether you would want to accompany them or not is another matter!!) In fact, there are several operators around Brisbane that offer skydiving for thrill-seeking kids and their families. Kids can take part in tandem skydiving jumps with professional instructors, and can either go with their parents as part of a unique family experience or even on their own. See here for where to go Skydiving for Kids near Brisbane!

2. Walk a Llama

You can have the unique experience of either walking a llama or simply sitting with one while it eats at this wonderful little known location in Dayboro called Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks

3. Go on a chocolate tour

I don’t know any child (or adult for that matter) that would not be jumping up and down to go on a chocolate tour around Brisbane! With so many child-friendly chocolate shops and cafes in our city, this is the best and tastiest tour to experience with your kids. From chocolatiers and dessert places to custom chocolates and chocolate high teas, the Brisbane Kids’ Chocolate Tour of Brisbane has everything a budding or experience chocaholic could ever dream of! Enjoy!

Kids Picking Fruit

4. Forage for free food

Feeling peckish? Short on cash? No worries! You can find free food in Brisbane simply by knowing where to forage! Going fruit picking is an awesome activity to enjoy with kids, and you can find out where to forage for mulberries and so much more here.

Community Gardens are also very popular in Brisbane. They’re great places to visit with kids to see how real food is grown and to learn about growing and nurturing plants and to meet other people in your community. Click here to find your nearest community garden!

If you grow any of your own fruits, veggies, herbs, or even make your own breads, sweet treats or preserves, you can also check out Food Swaps in and around Brisbane for great community events where you can find amazing produce without paying a cent!

5. Escape from jail

Ever wanted to be locked in a room with your kids with no idea how to get out? Yes, it sounds crazy, but escapism is the new craze taking Brisbane by storm! Escape Room challenges are springing up all over the city, where teams of family and friends can work together to uncover the clues, face the challenges and beat the clock to escape to freedom. Check out Escape Rooms in Brisbane for more information on this crazy new family challenge!

Aikido for kids in Brisbane

6. Take up an unusual sport

Do your kids love sport? Are they (or you) getting bored of the everyday activities on offer, or do they want to try something new and exciting? Well, there are actually quite a lot of unusual sports available in Brisbane that you may not have heard about before! Check out Unusual Sports for Kids in Brisbane for all sorts of fun ideas from archery to Aikido!

7. Go ghost hunting

If your kids are into supernatural entertainment, there are actually a surprising number of ghost tours in Brisbane to learn about history with a spooky twist! There’s South Brisbane Ghost Tours at Dutton Park Cemetery, Toowong Cemetery Kids Ghost Tours and Brisbane Ghost Tours that offer a walking city ghost tour or even an insiders look into Boggo Road Gaol (just in case you need more of a chill thrill!). So grab your proton packs and get ghostbusting!

Boy in the snow

8. See snow

No, no tricks, you could actually see snowfall in Brisbane! We all love our Sunshine State, but there’s no denying how fun it would be for the kids to experience real snow! Records show that it is possible, with snow observed in Brisbane itself in 1927, 1932, 1958 and 1984. Looks like we’re overdue another little flurry by now!

If you’re prepared for a little road trip, you could be find a good settling of the white stuff even closer than you think. Check out where to find the closest snow to Brisbane here!

And if it’s not quite breaking the zero degrees barrier for some real life snowfall, never fear! There are still plenty of changes to see snow in Brisbane! Every year, for three magical weeks in June/July, the Winter Festival comes to Brisbane and transforms King George Square into an enchanting winter wonderland, where Brisbane Kids can enjoy ice skating, snowman building, snowball fights and more!

9. Walk to an island

Yes, you can actually WALK TO AN ISLAND from Brisbane! We love to visit the Moreton Bay islands, but if taking a ferry is a bit too much hassle, why not drive to Wellington Point and walk over to King Island? The beautiful conservation park is the perfect spot for playing on a beach, having a picnic and spotting sea life and wildlife. The walk is just a two-kilometre roundtrip, but make sure you check the tide times carefully before you leave as access to and from the island is only possible at low tide.

How to get to Fort Lytton

10. Explore a real fortress

Thought you’d need to travel to Europe to see a historic military fort? Think again! Brisbane has its very own coastal fortress, Fort Lytton! It is situated on the Brisbane River, and has everything from ramparts and underground passages to a water-filled moat and canons you can actually see being fired! So much to see, do and learn at this amazing landmark — read all about it here!

For more unique places to visit in Brisbane, check out Secret Brisbane here.

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