10 Science Apps for Kids

You don’t have to be a scientist yourself in order to help your child learn the basics.  Sure you can get out the old Bunsen burner and telescope if you are keen for some at home live demonstrations but, for most of us, trying to get our little people interested in the world of science and all it encompasses can be a big task.  Below are ten great apps that will help with that education but also bring your little one some entertainment and fun as well.  There are many more too (current count has a million apps out there on the market) but these are a few we have selected that have some great features.

GazziliScience – $0.99


This is a favourite app with fantastic graphics and easy to follow and understand voice-overs along the way.   Designed for children 3 and over, this app features six activity sections with each one focusing on a different scientific concept (senses, plants, seasons, water cycle, sink or float and (non) living).  Fun games and exercises teach the basics of each concept and once each one is completed a new one is unlocked.  Kids are  also awarded with a part to go in Purple the monster’s science machine.  Once all sections are completed and all parts are collected it is fun to watch the invention go to work.  At less than a dollar this is a definite winner.

Pettson’s Inventions (1&2) – $1.99 each


For any child (or adult) that loves wacky inventions, being challenged and having fun this is one app that is sure to be a hit with older kids and adults too.  Help Pettson piece together his inventions by dragging items from a selection provided and putting them in the position they need to be in to help make the invention operate correctly.  Cute graphics make it fun to play and as there are no hints provided it is definitely one to get the thinking and creative caps on for.  This is highly addictive and as you cannot move on to the next one until the invention before it is completed successfully this may keep your child busy as they must problem-solve their way through!

Science Heroes: The Digestive System for Kids – FREE


It’s hard to believe this app is a free download.  It has great graphics, is informative, easy to follow and with a video game feel it is also incredibly entertaining.  Kids are first able to watch an animated video that explains the digestive system and processes to them.  They must then complete games at each stage of digestion that help to make the process easier and therefore allow them to progress to the next level.

Sid the Science Kid – $2.99 each (Science Fair / Sid’s Slide to the Side)

Sid Science Fair

Sid the Science Kids actually has a number of apps that you can purchase that focus on teaching kids the basics of Science.  In ‘Science Fair’ kids have the opportunity to view Sid’s friends’ Science Fair exhibitions and have a turns playing with the demonstrations.  These include collating data, analysing collections and putting time machine images in order before processing.  Sid’s ‘Slide to the Side’ app will teach your kids all about friction as they investigate and then do experiments through interactive games that end with examples of how friction can apply in real life.

Gene Machine – FREE

Gene Machine App

What do you get if you cross a butterfly and a cat?  Or a whale and a half-breed cat and butterfly?  This addictive genetics puzzle game has over 8 different stages and over 300 different types of species to create.  Kids try to match highlighted gene combinations through fun, interactive games in which they need to catch, in a range of different ways, the exact combination required.  This will help unlock each stage so they can move on to the next but it is just as much fun mixing it up and making up your own selection just to see what the outcome animal will look like.  This is a great introduction to genetics that is fun but also requires some creative thought and skills as well.

Happy Little Farmer – $2.99

Happy Little Farmer App

All kids love to get dirty but this is one way to teach them all about the life cycle of plants and the processes behind gardening without making a mess!   Best suited for kids aged 3 and up, Happy Little Farmer illustrates to kids how plants are grown in a veggie patch, a pot and in a wheat field.  Your child will have to go through each stage and take part in up to 15 different farm-related tasks including fertilising, watering and removing bugs.  It’s a good idea to do the app with them though as there are no instructions as they go, just catchy music, so you will need to talk them through the stages as they are doing them.

Project Noah – Free

Project Noah app

This is a fantastic app for budding explorers and one that will get them out and about as well!  When your child finds something exciting (be that plant or animal) they take a picture and then select a category within the app to place it in.  They confirm the location and then submit it to the project.  There is a Noah Community out there that will help you ID your newfound discovery too if you are unsure of its species.

Astronaut Trainer – Free

Astronaut Trainer App

This is a relatively basic app that offers 5 different space-related games including rocket ship building, aligning planet shapes and space navigation.  As each game is completed kids are awarded with some fun space facts that are read out to them.  They can also collect tokens along the way in order to unlock more fun facts as well.  You’ll be surprised what they pic up from the facts as they have fun playing the five different challenges.

The Human Body – $3.99

The human body app

This may not be the cheapest app around but it is one that is definitely worth the money.  Impressive graphics and very informative, if you have a child who is keen to learn how food is digested, the heart pumps and blood flows then you should consider checking out this app.  There are many great features to this app and it is a great anatomy learning tool for school-aged kids.

Monster Physics – FREE

Monster Physics App

The perfect combination of learning and entertainment, Monster Physics is best suited for kids aged 7 and up.  With this app kids design contraptions using a variety of parts to help them solve missions.  Whilst the main learning comes from the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that need to be used, there is also a “learn” section provided that covers the basic physic terms. To get through each mission you then must use your tools and the properties of physics to manipulate the environment.

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