10 After School Snack Ideas (with no added sugar!)

Sugar: it contains no essential nutrients and contributes only kilojoules to our diet. So why are we feeding it to our kids on a daily basis? Most parents would agree that limiting our children’s sugar intake is important for their health and well-being, so here’s a list of 10 delicious snacks that are low-sugar or no-sugar. They’re easy to prepare and we guarantee they’ll satisfy when the after school munchies hit!

  1. Honey crackles

Thanks to Sugar Free Kids these are just like the original honey joys but without the sugar high that went with them! They’re also gluten, egg, nut and dairy free (when using coconut oil), making them the perfect snack to serve to children with allergies. Just be sure to use a sugar free and gluten free brand of corn flakes.

honey crackles

  1. Trail mix

For children that can safely consume nuts, this trail mix is packed full of nutty goodness and natural sweetness from the dried fruits. After school hunger pains, be gone! Found via the Guilty Kitchen.

trail mix

  1. Fangks drinks and recipes

Most kids love to come home to a milkshake, but the leading brands of flavoured powders usually contain a lot of sugar. That’s where Fangks comes in! Fangks chocolate and strawberry flavoured milk mixes contain no sugar and are naturally sweetened with natvia. Fangks flavoured powders can also be used to make sugar free treats such as these delicious chocolate muffins. You can find even more sugar free recipe inspiration on the Fangks recipe page via their website.


fangks chocolate milk

  1. Pumpkin pikelets

These pumpkin pikelets from I Quit Sugar are sugar free, gluten free and contain a serve of vegetables. Winning!

easy pumpkin pikeltes

  1. Bliss balls

Kids will eat almost anything if they’re served as appealing little cane sugar free bliss balls, which makes these bliss balls a perfect snack for afternoon tea – especially when you’re on the go to after school appointments and classes. Sweetened with honey, they contain no added sugar but plenty of nutritious ingredients.

sugar free bliss balls

  1. Mango fruit leathers

These mango fruit leathers from Louise Fulton are perfect for when you have an abundance of fruit to use up. Amazingly, they only contain one ingredient: mangos!

mango fruit leather

  1. Savoury corn and cheese muffins

When you need afternoon tea to be simple, yummy and healthy, these savoury corn and cheese muffins from Be a Fun Mum will hit the spot.

corn and cheese muffins

  1. Devilled eggs

Devilled eggs are so retro, but these delicious snacks are making a comeback!  They work in the lunch box or for afternoon tea and these particular ones are perfect for kids.

devilled eggs

  1. Sushi sandwiches

Taste website have so many sandwiches served a different way make for a fun and healthy afternoon tea. These ones use avocado and tuna as the filling and look delicious. You could even get the kids to help you prepare them.

sushi sandwiches

  1. Cob loaf

If you’re feeding a hungry hoard for afternoon tea, you have to try The Organised Housewife’s cheesy spinach cob loaf recipe. Your kids won’t even notice that they’re eating “green stuff” and will keep going back for more.

cob loaf

For more afternoon tea recipes, check out our cooking with kids section on the Brisbane Kids web site with our most popular recipe being our 1 minute chocolate chip cookies

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