The 1 minute Meditation Technique that will change your life

meditation technique

Meditation does many things for humans from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress and it is a wonderful non-medicative approach to treating everything from mild depression to anxiety. The biggest problem with meditation is the time it takes. Who honestly has 20 minutes a day to set aside for themselves and who has 20 minutes a day where they won’t get interrupted?

The quickest meditation in the world!

You are about to be introduced to a  Meditation Technique that literally takes  as little as 10 seconds, more often a minute and never anymore than you ever want it to! It is a relaxation technique you can do right now!


This technique is all based around centering yourself very quickly into your body, into the moment and releasing yourself from the anxiety of the past or the pressure of the future.

You can can close your eyes for this OR not- it doesn’t matter!!!

meditation technique

Step 1 –  What can you see?

Think about it. If your eyes are closed- what shapes can you see, colours? If your eyes are open, what is in your foreground? What is further afield? What do the clouds look like?

Step 2- What can you smell?

Can you smell food? How about your perfume? Or if you are lying with your baby maybe you are lucky enough to have that newborn baby smell right near by.

Step 3- What can you hear?

What can you hear nearby? Now.. concentrate.. What can you hear outside the room, beyond the trees?

Step 4- What can you feel?

Maybe you can feel the wind or perhaps the clothes on your body? Step 4 will centre you totally, putting you back into your body.


Remember to breathe. Remember to Smile! NOW you are ready to go!

The great thing about this technique is you can do it anywhere, even while you are walking the dog. If you are in a panic you can just choose one- to get back into the moment, right now, this second, where there are no problems.

meditation for kids

This meditation technique works with kids too

The best part about this meditation technique is that it works with kids too. Get everyone to sit in a circle with their backs to each other. Lead them through this process. The first dozen times you will find it quite a verbal activity but slowly this will become second nature- You might just need to say “Hear”, “See”, “Smell”, “Feel”. This is something you can do every day as a family activity. Your kids will LOVE this. Remember it will take them a little while to get used to it- but schedule it in after teeth cleaning at night or before you head out the door in the morning. Its simply wonderful.

This post was written by Ngaire Stirling, busy mum of 3 kids under seven. She is the owner of 3 businesses and this technique has changed her life and can change yours too. 

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