Sushi for Brisbane Kids


Sushi Ideas for Brisbane Kids

We love introducing Brisbane Kids to new and unusual taste sensations and what better way than through Japanese Food and Sushi. Sushi in Australia represents far more than raw fish and instead today has evolved into a tasty and healthy meal. Nori Rolls and Rice Paper Rolls are filled with rice and yummy fillings including chicken, cucumber, avocado, BBQ pork, prawns and anything you can really imagine. Dipped in a bit of soy sauce, sweet chilli or wasabi for the adventurous (and likely much older Brisbane Kids).

We found 2 favourites this week that will help you and your Brisbane Kid to enjoy their sushi both with style and with practicality in mind.

Sushi Maker

Firstly from Kiddyshack this awesome sushi maker. It means your Brisbane Kid can really involved in making their own rolls, choosing their ingredients and enjoying the process.

These facts from KiddyShack.

  1. Kids can make their own sushi, dishwasher dafe, food grade and designed and made in Australia.
  2. You can make sushi without or with the seaweed.
  3. You can use lots of other foods to – potato, dates, apricots, polenta,brownies, falafel, dumplings etc
  4. Perfect for snacks for toddlers, lunch boxes and general healthy eating oh and for adults too – perfect for party finger food.
  5. $24.95 and free postage this weekend.
  6. Email [email protected] if you are interested.
SO how to eat your Sushi? Surely Brisbane Kids can’t use chopsticks? Or can they?
Check out these amazing chopsticks for kids from Babies Favourite Things. Apart from offering the cutest designs and colours they are also strategically held together so that your Brisbane Kid’s chopstick experience is a successful one. Once they give these lovely tools a go – trust us! they will want to use them for everything, which is just perfect for developing fine motor skills in little hands.

Chopity Chopsticks

kids chopsticks

Here are also some further healthy benefits to sushi- and while we dont claim to be nutritionists- we are pretty sold on some of these awesome features.

  • Sushi is low in saturated fat
  • if you do include tuna or other fish it is also high in fish oils, Omega 3- ideal for growing bodies and developing brains.
  • Nori contains a variety of different minerals to promote healthy bodies
  • It is a yummy high protein meal giving little brisbane kid bodies the energy to                                                                                      move!
  • Like you need an excuse!
We hope you love our favourites as much as we do!


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