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This page is about professional services that focus on kids, family or simply wish to recognised as child friendly. Brisbane is full of services that not only welcome kids but find very creative ways of including them right through to essential services like the Birth Centre in Brisbane. If you know of a child friendly service for kids in Brisbane and we don’t have it then why not send us an email to


The Brisbane Psychology specialists at yourtime offer a relaxed and supportive environment, offering a range of bulk-billing and low-cost Psychology and support services. Our experienced team are passionate about helping children, teens, adults, couples and families to make positive changes and enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. To find out more, or to book an appointment, please visit or call 3306 1083.

The Leg Vein Doctor logo

The Leg Vein Doctor

The Leg Vein Doctor in Auchenflower specialises in the removal of Spider and Varicose veins. The modern techniques used at The Leg Vein Doctor offer many advantages over traditional forms of vein treatments. Patients can continue with their daily activities following treatment, as there is minimal pain and no post – operative downtime. Book your initial consultation on (07) 3720 9912 or visit us on


Performance Health Queensland

A qualified Brisbane naturopath since 2002, Sandi offers specialised paediatric naturopathy consultations to address a number of childhood issues. A “realistic Naturopath”, with two small children of her own, she believes balance is the key and has the skill and passion to ensure becoming well is a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your children.

embrace life

Embrace Life

Natural Therapies at Embrace Life aim to help you and your family attain optimal health and wellbeing and to support you to put time and balance back into your busy life. Our belief is that, by helping parents and children get the best care, in the most stress-free environment possible, right from the beginning, your family will grow up calm, relaxed and healthy.


baby isabella

Avana Natural Fertility

Perhaps you’re having problems getting pregnant or maybe you are keen to optimise the health of your future baby, either way Bev Dorgan, a naturopathic nutritionist at Avana Natural Fertility is passionate about helping you enhance your fertility naturally. It takes two to tango so, by maximising the health of both mum AND dad, which will boost the health of both the egg and the sperm, you’re increasing your chances of creating the right environment for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Having had a much-longed for baby after a period of infertility AND fair share of frustration, despair and disappointment, Bev’s knowledge, understanding and compassion will help make your journey smoother.

The Baby Sleep Co Logo


Katie Forsythe has a unique way of helping parents address their baby or young child’s sleep problems. Katie is different to other baby sleep consultants in Brisbane, as she believes that there is not only one way of dealing with issues regarding baby, toddler and young child sleep. Rather than apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sleep training, Katie spends time getting to know your family before developing a plan tailored especially for you.

Family Chiropractor in Brisbane

Sherwood Chiropractic

Pregnant women, babies, children and adolescents can all benefit from chiropractic treatments, but it’s important to choose a practitioner that specialises in paediatrics. Dr Jemima Nelson and Dr Claudia Cadona Sherwood Chiropractic are highly qualified paediatric chiropractors who are passionate about caring for pregnant women and children. Their gentle and holistic approach to health has helped countless young patients including infants with breastfeeding or settling difficulties, babies with head shape issues and children with motor and milestone delays.

Helping kids eat better

Kids Dig Food

Do you have a fussy eater? Do you feel like you’re fighting a constant battle to try to get your child to eat nutritious foods or to eat more (or perhaps less) food? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to get them to eat a balanced diet but to no avail? Well, look no further! There is a solution and Brisbane Kids has found it: Kids Dig Food! Whether you have a fussy toddler, a baby struggling with solids or child with any dietary challenge, Kids Dig Food can help to make your meal times stress-free, guilt-free, healthy and happy.

Speech Pathology for kids in Brisbane

ChatBox Speech Pathology

Have you ever suspected that your child needs the help of a speech pathologist? Perhaps they’ve had difficulty with swallowing or eating? Or maybe you’re concerned that their speech is delayed and they’re not reaching speech milestones? Have you noticed your child having difficulty articulating words or speaking with a stutter or lisp? Is your child finding it hard to read at school? A ChatBox speech pathologist (also known as a speech therapist) can visit your home or child’s school to help them in all of these areas and ensure they’re reaching their full potential.

Speech pathology in Brisbane

Speechcare- Speech Pathologists who Care

Speechcare offers a caring, fun and professional approach to speech therapy with your child. There are nine speech pathologists at Speechcare and between them they have a wealth of expertise across all areas of communication and feeding disorders. You will be directed to the speech pathologist who is best suited to your child’s needs. We are registered providers of the Helping Children with Autism and Betterstart for children with Disability packages.

Play-with-Words logo

Play With Words – Mobile Speech Therapist

Play with Words is a speech pathology practice established by highly experienced and qualified speech pathologist Dallas Fong. At Play with Words, they recognise that communication is one of the most important life skills, and they offer therapy, training and advice in helping children to develop these skills. Their therapy services are available for infants right through to adolescents. The Play with Words clinic is situated in Springwood, South Brisbane, but they can also provide therapy at your home or your child’s school, kindergarten or early learning centre.


ylo-Counselling & Intervention Services-logo

YLO Psychology Clinic for children, adolescents & families

YLO Psychology Clinic is a family friendly and child and adolescent focused clinic that offers child counselling and family therapy by providing assessment and clinical intervention for a range of psychological, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties experienced by children, adolescents, young adults and families. YLO can help you and your loved ones to achieve improved mental health and well-being, and strongly believe that mental health care should not only be for the privileged and as such, they offer bulk-billing to clients with a valid health concession card and GP referral so that there are no out-of-pocket expenses.



CPL – Choice. Passion. Life.

CPL is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support and therapy services to more than 8,000 children and adults in Queensland. At CPL, our team of health professionals have helped thousands of children reach their full potential through personalised therapy and support services. We can do the same for your child too!

BEST Autism Therapy

BEST Autism Therapy – Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy

Autism and Early Intervention therapy services in your home with caring therapists who will show you how to integrate therapy into your busy day. We have the experience to help your child achieve positive results for communication, social skills, sensory processing, behaviour and learning. We understand how overwhelming making decisions about services and schools can be and will use our extensive knowledge of autism to help you navigate the maze of early intervention.

Child Aware Logo square-01

Child Aware Children’s Counselling and Psychology Services Brisbane

Many children need help in areas such as autistic spectrum disorders, anxiety, sleep problems, behavioural difficulties, difficulties with social skills or difficulties at school. It can be hard for parents to know who to turn to for trusted and effective help with this, which is why it’s great to know that Child Aware are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with all of these issues and more.


Allergy Medical Centre Cutting the waiting list to get your kids tested for allergies- located at Newstead- call 32523711 or go to Allergy Medical Group Website

Elite Executive Relocations Helping families with moves Interstate Elite Executive Relocations Website

Diabetes Counselling Counselling Support for Brisbane Families dealing with diabetes and the associate issues. Includes cooking, weight and communication support. Diabetes Counselling Website

Brisbane Kids has also put together a guide to Crisis Help for Brisbane Families in Need. This guide includes information and contact details for the services available to families in a crisis and is a wonderful source to refer to when in need of some extra support.

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