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So many occasions to mark, so many designs to choose from!

There is a range of products to mark the birth of a new child, significant birthdays or anniversaries. Yet even though these events are common to most of us, our own experience of them is unique and personal. Honour your birth/s or celebrate a friend joining the mum club with hand stamped, silver or gold fill medallions personalised with your message. Personalised jewellery for mums can stray into the banal so make your necklace reflect the insightful, witty, caring person you are, either as a gift or a treat for your own hard work. As you rub your fingertips over the quirky hand stamped message or fascinate a baby with the dangling, shiny discs you will be sure to smile at the memories it reflects.

Honour your loss with memory, your hardships with courage

Not all memories are happy nor all occasions to be celebrated. If you have lost someone close to you or are supporting somebody through this time a simple gesture such as a medallion commemorating the person who passed on can provide support where words fail. Even in times where the hardship is too personal to discuss openly such as miscarriage, relationship breakdown or losing a job, a custom stamped necklace with a word such as ‘courage’ or short quote can let that person know you are there. Let someone know you are there for them when they hold their thoughtful gift in times of need.

Elegant style, simple message, handcrafted significance

For the price of a bunch of flowers you can make somebody smile with recognition at a shared joy, mark a special occasion with unobtrusive reverence or treat yourself to something personal! Hand stamped metal jewellery is an accessible way to get the aesthetic of engraved jewellery without the price tag. The quality materials and range of styles make it a fun and creative way to present your personalised message. Choose local artists to ensure your gift reflects the care and quality you expect. Choose unique, personalised jewellery for mums including you, choose Indilee Designs.

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