Fenced Parks in Brisbane


Fenced Parks in Brisbane

First of all there aren’t many Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane. In our opinion it is a sad case of council and developers forgetting about the real people that use these facilities. To help you find one we have created a list of Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane.

Here are the playgrounds we know that are fenced.. if you know of more fenced parks in Brisbane then email them to [email protected] If we don’t list the playground we would love some photos and in exchange will send you a favourite kids book in return as part of our Dob in a Playground giveaway

  1. Pine Rivers Park Strathpine
  2. Scarborough Beach Park, Scarborough
  3. Suttons Beach Park, Suttons Beach
  4. Grande Park, Springfield
  5. Oriel Park, Ascot
  6. Everton Park Hotel Playground, Everton Park
  7. Discovery Park, Springfield Lakes
  8. Milton Park Playground
  9. Albany Creek Library Playground
  10. Pelican Park, Clontarf
  11. Logan Gardens  Civic Parade Logan Central QLD 4114
  12. Riding Road Balmoral/Hawthorne
  13. Leslie Patrick Park, Dawson Parade Arana Hills
  14. Neal Mccrossan Park Paddington
  15. Caloundra Street Landsborough
  16. Orion Shopping Centre outdoor playground
  17. local park on the corner of Gympie and Telegraph rds in Bald Hills, just opposite from Guide Dogs Qld.
  18. Honour Park, East Ipswich
  19. One Mile Park Ipswich

Who do we think would benefit from Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane?

  • All Mums and Dads- thats right- every single mum would benefit from Fenced Playgrounds in Brisbane simply because of the safety factor.
  • Mums and Dads of kids with special needs, especially those with ASD and ADHD where verbal direction is not effective in creating boundaries.
  • Mums and Dads with kids of multiples. Lets face it, how can one mum chase two kids in the opposite direction?
  • Mums and Dads with kids of similar ages- same reason as above
  • Mums and Dads with babies and kids, because leaving a baby by themselves to chase a toddler is a safety risk
  • Pregnant mums with kids, because running while pregnant is a safety issue
  • Mums and Dads with Special Needs because they may not be able to run after their kids
SO lets face it ALL playgrounds should be fenced- and they should have toilets, infact we believe most parents would support less playgrounds if it meant more were fenced. It seems that developers in new estates are often expected to build playgrounds, and create token offerings, but there obviously need to be more regulations in place. We have even been to playgrounds off main roads or next to canals that aren’t fenced- CRAZY! We need more fenced playgrounds in Brisbane!
fenced playgrounds in brisbane

We will continue to voice our need for more fenced playgrounds in Brisbane. If you feel the same way we do then we suggest you  have a chat to your local member of parliament.

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