Christmas Lights in Brisbane

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Christmas Lights in Brisbane

Finding the best Christmas lights in Brisbane in 2015 isn’t easy, which is why we’ve done the ground work for you! There are a range of different websites, contests and lots of awesome displays that you will never find in print. Our mission is to link with the best contests, and locate the best houses and different light displays throughout QLD.

Every single year we create a new post that is current and up to date and based on real time information. There is nothing more frustrating that packing all the kids in the car to realise that you are visiting last year’s winners and they have moved house. We know because because it has happened to us. 

The Best Christmas Lights in Brisbane Locations for 2015

Finding the best places for Christmas Lights is hard work. So, if you are one of those special people taking the time to light up your home and you honestly believe it is worth people coming to look them, please email us at We would welcome any video or still footage you have of your lights, including the before and after shots.

Our advice when heading out to see Christmas lights is to take some torches or glow sticks for the kids. Approaching homes on foot can be quite a journey, especially at the bigger light locations where literally hundreds of people can be visiting every night. While the home with Christmas Lighting will be well lit, the homes around it may not. Be courteous to neighbours – try to avoid shining your car lights in their windows, and do what you can to reduce the impact to them – ensuring good neighbour relations and a long future of Christmas lights.

Other quality websites to visit for trusted Christmas Light information

4KQ run a huge competition every year- For a full list of winners and finalists, please head to

Christmas Lights Bus Tours

Brisbane City Council Bus Tours start on the 19th Dec and run until the 23rd Dec. The tours take 3 hours. To purchase tickets, please head to

If you learn of some awesome Christmas Lights in Brisbane, then please feel free to email us at

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  • Kit

    Thanks for the info re the Xmas lights.

    Have been going to see the lights every year since I have lived here.

    Its great to see that the residents have put so much effort re the Xmas lights.

    Congrats to all of them with all the effort put into it.


  • Steven Heymer

    You need to visit Brandella Place Belmont it is worth the drive! They came 2nd in the Neighbourhood section of the 4KQ Christmas Lights and have a wonderful display. There is one house that is taking photographs of children and families with Santa in a big sleigh and the money raised is being donated to Bravehearts childrens charity. They are also selling LED products with the proceeds also going to charity. It looks amazing!

  • Logancitycustom

    Rudge Street is so Great ,

  • http://N/A Terry

    Larwood Place in Ferny Hills – the majority of home owners have collectively lit up their homes with lights. It’s well worth a drive to see so many homes in close proximity joining in with the festive spirit for the pleasure of others. Thank you Larwood Place and Merry christmas to you all.

  • Kraves

    The Chatswood Rd house is on youtube/vimeo now ( First of the Brisbane ones I’ve found.
    Also some good photos on this blog (

  • Keeping my Toddler Entertained

    Thank you for all the great Christmas activity ideas. Stella is loving the nightly christmas light tours. She has been an angle for the past few days because I am using them as a bribe all day.
    Merry Christmas

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